Happy Talking

23 Jun

Happiness is an emotion rather than a personality type, says Simon Gelsthorpe, a clinical psychologist. ” We all go through happy and sad times, so when you describe someone as having a happy disposition, what you’re really talking about is their outlook on life. This type of person has usually developed ways of coping with the down in their life, as well as enjoying the ups.”

6 ways to a more positive attitude

1. Don’t blame yourself when things go wrong. You can’t control everything, Assess the situation realistically before you assume it’s your fault.

2. If you’re feeling stressed, take time out. A brisk walk, deep breathing exercises or a soak in the bath can help restore your balance.

3. Stop making sweeping generalizations like ‘nothing ever goes right for me’. Instead, try to remember when things do go your way.

4. When something good happens to you, don’t dismiss it as a luck break. You’ve worked hard and you deserve it.

5. Remember your successes and learn from your failures. When you make a mistake, understand where you went wrong and drop it.

6. Think positively. If you go to a party thinking you’ll have a rotten time, you will. But if you’re open to the possibility of enjoying yourself, you’re more likely to have a blast.

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