How To Have Good Zzzs

23 Jun

Kiwifruit for Fitful Zzzs

If you’re having trouble falling asleep at night, head to the kitchen and reach for some kiwifruit. A study by Taipei Medical University has found that eating two kiwifruits an hour before going to bed can improve your sleep quality by as much as 40 per cent.

Professor Jen-Fang Liu of the university’s School of Nutrition and Health Science studied the sleep pattern of 29 subjects with diagnosed sleeping difficulties over four weeks. She found that the kiwifruit diet decreased Sleep Onset Latency (SOL) by an average of 38.7 per cent. SOL is the time it takes a person to fall asleep after going to bed. The participants also reported waking up less during the night.

And here’s a handy tip: if you find it hassle to peel the kiwifruit, simply cut it in half and scoop the contents out with a spoon.

Chamomile Smile

A cup of chamomile tea before bed is now as commonplace as a night-time milky drink. THe fragrant flower has been used for centuries to treat frazzled nerves, skin complaints, digestive disorders and period pain. Its effects have been confirmed by a study that found German chamomile tea boost levels of compounds in the body that relieve muscle spasms and increase antibacterial activity.

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