Questions and Answers. Q&A

24 Jun
  • Three Little Words.

Q My boyfriend of six months constantly tells me that he loves me. The thing is, I’m not ready to say it yet. How can I respond without hurting his feelings. We’re both 20. A You should never say you love someone if you don’t mean it. So, the next time he says it, be especially nice to him, give him a worm squeeze of the hand or a gentle brush down the side of his face and tell him how lovely it is of him to say that. Hopefully he wont push it and ask if you love him too, Do you love him Or are you just afraid of saying it? he’s maybe a bit more in love with you than you are with him, things might change over time but if it doesn’t, think carefully about what to do next – unbalanced relationship  rarely works in the long run.  

  • Third Wheel

Q My two best friends and I used to have really fun times together. However, lately, they seem to be spending more time together without me, and whenever I bring up the fact that I feel left o, they say I am being silly. should I move on or what? A Threesomes are very difficult to get right and I sympathize with how you feel – there’s nothing really wore than feeling left out like this. the more you mention it, the worse it will probably get. so i would suggest that yes, you do try to move on and find some new friends. I’m not saying that you should stop drop these tho friends  of yours but it’s never a good idea to just have couple of friends anyway. we all need different friends to express the different sides of our personalities with, I’m sure you will have no trouble making some nice new friends soon as you’ve already roved that you can make friends.

  • Undecided

Q Recently I had sex with my bestfriend’s best friend. what’s more, his best friend happens to be a woman. I feel very confused about everything right now. What should I do? A Its likely you are still exploring your sexuality and have yet decide what or who you prefer. This kind of confusion is quite normal, and it doesn’t just occur when you’re young either.. Try talking this over with someone  sympathetic, someone you can trust,  who won’t go blabbing to everyone. if there isn’t anyone, you can try working this out alone first before considering seeking the eat or the professional counsellor. spend time working out what you want and what you enjoy most. Sexuality is a very fluid thing that can change all the time but it’s  also possible  that you do prefer woman over men. Spend your time thinking about it who you most like to be lying beside you. That might Help!

  • Self-Absorbed pal

Q Whenever I meet up with this friend of mine, all she ever does is talk about her new job, boyfriend, etc. I have problems too, but she doesn’t give me a change to air them., How can I get her to shut up? A  Well you could try getting her to listen to you but ii don’t fancy your chances. I’d be inclined to look elsewhere instead and find a friend t who listen and care about you and your problems. It isn’t easy I know, but I often think there’s nothing quite lonely as having a friend who listen to what you have to say, much or less care about it. But if you want to give her chance m, tell her how you feel – ask her to listen to you for just five minutes and explain how you feel about being unheard by her and having to wonder if she cares about you or not. She deserves, at last, a chance to change. Good Luck!

  • Package Deal

Q I’ve just started dating a wonderful man. He;s 10 years my senior and has a five years old daughter. I’m not really into kids, but now he wants me to meet her. ive never really dealt with kids before – what should I do on the first meeting? A Men who have kids don’t come as individual but as a part of package. His daughter is a part of him so you absolutely have to meet her if this relationship continues. Just be yourself. Don’t patronize her but talk to her as you would another person, albeit a much smaller one. Ask him for guidance as to whether you should take a small gift along, but for goodness sake don’t try to buy her affection. Remember, she might see you as a threat and also bear in mind that it’s likely you could ever mean as much to his child. It’s tricky territory so I would only suggest you to meet her if you’re serious about him.

  • Can‘t get along!

Q I love my job, but have a huge personality clash with my immediate boss. We’re constantly arguing over petty issues. We’ve both tried talking it over, but to no avail. We just can’t get along. I am worry my career prospects with the company. What should I do? A You could ask for a transfer or you could swallow it and do your best to get along with your boss – then work really hard so  that you’re promoted away from her. Personality clashes account for the biggest problems any us ever have to face at work and I sympathize  with you. We all spend  far too much time at work to be miserable there so if it doesn’t get better and you can’t find a way to  make it work for both if you. I’d suggest you to try find suitable alternative work.

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