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The Facts About Red Wine

Red wine may be able to protect you from heart disease and cancer. But for some, one glass could be a health risk. What’s the story?


Heart Disease: The Copenhagen City Heart study tracked 13,000 people over 12 years and found those who drank wine every day halved the risk of dying from the heart disease or stroke compared with those who never drink.

Prostate Cancer: A daily glass may halve a man’s risk of prostate cancer according to a US study of 1500 men. The antioxidant resveratrol that is found in red grape skins may help clear the body of cancer-causing free radicals.

Longevity: Harvard researchers have found that resveratrol also switches on an enzyme that slows ageing, extending the life of yeast cell by up to 70 per cent. If this works as well in humans, this may extend human average life by up to ten years.


Histamine: Researchers at Vienna Allergy Clinic tested the role of histamine in 28 patients with a history of red wine intolerance: 22 had higher histamine levels 30 minutes after drinking. Lead researchers Dr Felix Wantke says the histamine levels in red wine can be at least ten times higher than those in white wine.

Migraine: A Lancet study tested migraine suffers who thought red wine, not alcohol in general, caused their headaches. The wine sparkled a migraine in nine out of 11 of those tested, whereas those who drank vodka didn’t experience an attack.

Teeth: The tartaric acid in red wine can wear away tooth enamel and red wine’s tannins may also cause staining.

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6 Tips For Eating Sushi

Going to a sushi restaurant needn’t be daunting. Maya Hart from Japanese eatery YO! Sushi tells us how to devour it like a pro.

1. Try practicing with chopsticks at home – but if you can’t master it, it’s not the worst thing to abandon them and use your fingers.

2. Pour soy sauce into the saucer provided. Mix in a pea-size amount of wasabi (hot horse-radish-like green paste). Add more according to taste.

3. Pickled ginger is a palate cleanser, not a garnish. Eat a slice between different types of sushi.

4. When eating a nigiri (rice topped with fish, meat or vegetables) dip the topping side into the soy. Rice soaks up too much soy, which can overpower the other subtle flavours.

5. Sushi should land in the mouth fish0side down for maximum taste – your tongue warms the fish so you don’t just taste the rice.

6. Do eat whole piece in one go – breaking it apart tends to end in a messy collapse.

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Is TV The Best Medicine

If your child is in pain, it seems your comfort may be no match for the soothing effect of television. Researchers at the University of Sienna studied the pain level of 69 children as they gave blood samples. During the procedure, some were distracted by their mothers, some had no distraction and others watched cartoons. The lowest pain level was recorded in the group watching TV.

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Cats And The Cradle

If you’re pregnant, you’ve probably heard that you and your unborn child may be at risk from toxoplasmosis. It’s caused by a parasite that cats carry, and symptoms can be flulike. Severe cases can damage an unborn child’s brain and eyes. While you’re more likely to contact toxoplasmosis from raw meat than from a cat, says Elizabeth Stone, dean of the Ontario Veterinary College, you should still play it safe.

Faecal exams for your pets are a good start but not conclusive. Clean litter daily. Let someone else do it. If you must do it yourself, wear a mask and gloves.

House cats are less likely to get toxoplasmosis, so consider keeping your cat indoors. Infected strays may have been in your flower beds. Wear gloves when gardening.

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Saved By A Straw

About a fifth of seven to ten years olds drink nearly ten cans of fizzy soft drink a week. This can play havoc with their teeth as the sugars and acids attack the enamel. The exact damage depends on how you drink: if you swig from the can, letting it pool at the back of your mouth, then your molars get it; if you sip through your front teeth then they suffer.

US scientist have decided that the safest way to drink the stuff is through a straw into the back of the mouth, minimizing the length of time it’s in contact with your teeth. It’s also a good idea to rinse your mouth with water afterwards.

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ACNE Not Just for Teens

Acne is often considered just a teenage problem, but because spots can be a response to the sex hormone testosterone, they may appear at puberty, before a period, while on the pill or pregnant, or during menopause.

Spots occur when oil pores get blocked by dead skin, allowing skin bacteria to colonise the pores, causing inflammation and red spots. You can help prevent this by keeping your hair away from your face and eating good diet.

Treat acne with a pH-balanced soap free cleanser and a spot treatment. These can dry skin out so use an oil-free moisturiser. If acne persist, see your GP, who may prescribe hormone treatments for women or other medication.

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Muscle Milk

Believe it or not, chocolate milk could be a health drink.

As we get older, mitochondria – which helps the body repair and maintain itself – dwindles. It’s already known that a protein and carbohydrate mix, such as is found in chocolate milk, can help muscles recover if drunk immediately after exercise.

Now a New Zealand study is hoping to show that it can also help the body produce mitochondria, which will help people live longer, healthier lives.

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