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Signs Your Relationship may be at Risk

Your Chit-Chat is practical.
Conversations are most functional – who’s going to pick up dinner/ pay the phone bill. You only call your partner at work to ask him to pick up dry cleaning.

Your sex life is unspontaneous.
Sex is routine and most about intercourse, indicating that you lack emotional intimacy. “You’s never make love in the kitchen, it would be too spontaneous.”

 You watch a lot of TV together.
Are you using it to avoid making conversation with each other?

You laugh far more with friends than you do together.
Some couples get into a rut of only having fun with their friends and saving all the serious stuff for their partners.

You don’t always know each other’s weekend plans.
It’s great to have an independent social life, but don’t forget your partner – at least know what you’re both doing.

You don’t really listen to him.
When you stop communicating, says lawyer and divorce expert, Simone Katzenberg, your relationship begins unravel. “You lose interest in each other.You find that mentally you switch off as the other starts talking so that you hear nothing of what is said”

You Avoid Arguments.
Deep down you suspect you’re no longer emotionally connected and you fear arguments would just highlight that. But argument doesn’t necessary mean the end of your relationship. It’s how you argue makes the difference. If you’re setting out to injure the other person, it will damage the trust between you. But if you can sit down when you’re calm and risk telling your partner your hopes and fears, then good things can happen – even if you’re the one in the wrong.

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