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6 Tips For Eating Sushi

Going to a sushi restaurant needn’t be daunting. Maya Hart from Japanese eatery YO! Sushi tells us how to devour it like a pro.

1. Try practicing with chopsticks at home – but if you can’t master it, it’s not the worst thing to abandon them and use your fingers.

2. Pour soy sauce into the saucer provided. Mix in a pea-size amount of wasabi (hot horse-radish-like green paste). Add more according to taste.

3. Pickled ginger is a palate cleanser, not a garnish. Eat a slice between different types of sushi.

4. When eating a nigiri (rice topped with fish, meat or vegetables) dip the topping side into the soy. Rice soaks up too much soy, which can overpower the other subtle flavours.

5. Sushi should land in the mouth fish0side down for maximum taste – your tongue warms the fish so you don’t just taste the rice.

6. Do eat whole piece in one go – breaking it apart tends to end in a messy collapse.

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